Welcome to Arabog! We’re glad you decided to drop by and see some of the resources we have for watching movies online. Because of all the sites with annoying ads, we decided to provide you all with a free resource to find those ad free movie sites to watch all your movies online.

With the advancement of technology, VHS and DVDs have slowly gone away. Of course we still have Blu-ray but what’s to say that that will remain long? It’s all about the online world now because you can essentially watch movies online for FREE.

There are different types of online movies you can watch. You can watch HD movies, you can watch standard definition movies, or you can watch bootlegged movies. HD movies are the best and if you can find a site that have these, you’ll be good to go. Standard definition is typically something you want to avoid unless you have no where else to look for an HD version. Bootlegs are the last resorts. Typically these are new movies that are still in the theatre. A lot of people don’t mind watching these either even if they’re super choppy and blurry.

Best Sites to Watch Free Online Movies

The best place so far that we have found to have the most movies online is 1Channel. They’ve consistently provided the latest and greatest movies to date. What’s great is that a lot of them are in HD that you can stream right on the spot for free, not to mention the site is also free. They do this by uploading the blu ray version of the movie immediately or even months before onto the web.

On that note, there are other sites just as good as 1Channel. For example, Primewire and Putlocker. These two other sites can easily rival 1Channel. If you can’t find a certain movie on 1Channel, we recommend trying these other sites.

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